Words spark action

Actions speak louder than words! Yes, they do – but words speak first. Words set the scene for action, may be part of the action, and define or record the action. Words are the stones bridging action to action.

Organisations need written or infographic content – corporate reporting, sales brochures, websites and social media.

Words – be they written, spoken or broadcast – are the building blocks of communication.

Clients and shareholders, and those weighing up your value proposition, will judge how your company uses words. Fittingly weighted words will position your business where you want in the minds of your target audiences.

If you genuinely have the ability to write content that works for your business – all power to your pen.

If not, hire a professional writer who can write narratives and visualise infographics that will position your business accurately.  Going cheap is a short-sighted risk to your reputation, whereas one good deal clinched through targeted writing can pay your writing budget and way more.

Good writing creates value from what you do – that people may not know. 

It saves you time (and therefore money) and makes money for you through market share, increased sales, or whatever is your purpose.

Vitally important – this  age of viral social media can wreck brands in a heartbeat. Nuanced writing prevents accidental miscommunication (which could save you LOTS of money).

Getting your story right is as important to your own people as to the outside market. A good writer captures the essence of what your business is about – or where you want it to go – while also offering fresh perspectives about your business and markets.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Annual reports
  • Integrated reporting
  • Sustainability reporting

  • Corporate communication
  • Bids and tenders
  • Corporate profiles and brochures
  • Opinion and thought leadership pieces